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A helpful guide to make a great cup of Coffee

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Cone Style

#1 drip filtercone       5 oz (150ml)    8 grams     2:30

#2 drip filtercone     10 oz (300ml)     16 gr         2:30

#4 filter                      20 oz (590 ml)     32 gr        4:30


Filter  Type                       Water            Coffee     Infusion


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French Press

4T             16 oz (470 ml)            28 gr            4 to 6  min

8T             32 oz (950 ml)            56 gr            4 to 6  min

12T           48 oz (1420 ml)          84 gr            4 to 6  min

Size             Water                     Coffee            Infusion

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Size                                   Water             Coffee     Infusion

Chemex 6 cup           30 oz (890 ml)      50 gr        2:30

Chemex 8 cup           40 oz (1180 ml)    65 gr        2:30

Chemex 13 cup         50 oz (1480 ml)    81 gr        2:30

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Automatic Brewer

Size                                   Water                    Coffee    

  1/2  -    Gallon                 64-oz                     4.2-oz

  1      -    Gallon                 96-oz                     6.2-oz

  1 1/2 -  Gallon               160-oz                   10.2-oz


Brew Temperature:

For best results coffee is brewed at 200°F ± 5°.

To avoid extracting unwanted bitter elements from the spent grounds into your beverage always remove the brew basket and spent grounds from the brewer immediately after the brewcycle has been completed.

Coffee Brews in Layers:

Coffee brews in layers with the first portion of the beverage being very strong and the last being very weak. It is therefore recommended that coffee be mixed or stirred in the brewer holding chamber prior to serving to make a beverage of consistent strength and taste throughout the batch.

Holding Brewed Coffee:

For best results brewed coffee is held at 185°F ± 5°. Fresh brewed coffee will taste fresh for about 20-25 minutes. After that time it begins to deteriorate quickly. The aroma fades, the taste becomes bitter, and the color of the brew becomes cloudy. Decanting the brew in a thermal carafe or tank will extend the fresh life of the brew somewhat, but no coffee should be served
longer than a half (1/2) hour after it was brewed. Coffee should never be reheated.


Guidelines For Automatic  Brewers

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