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How To Make a Great Espresso

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1. Make sure the portafilters are clean and free of coffee oils.

2. Purge the group head and Preheat the portafilter. (Proper preheating preserves the flavor)

3. Make sure your water supply is filtered, in some localities non-chemical water softening
    devices will enhance the quality of your espresso and extend the life of your espresso equipment.

4. Use only fresh coffee and grind just before drawing your shot

5. Check the grind setting often and change if necessary

6. For a double shot Use 18 - 21 grams of coffee   

7. Tamp espresso evenly with consistent Pressure (of about 30 LB) with a slight twist       

8. Wipe excess off the rim of the portafilter then insert into the group head.

9. Pour time should be approximately 25-30 Seconds. Toward the end of you shot "Blonding" should occur

     this is the signal to immediatly stop extraction.         

10. Enjoy

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